Chinese Archives of World Heritage Sites DVD - Imperial Mansoleums of Ming and Qing Dynasties

Imperial Mansoleums of Ming and Qing Dynasties - 30 minutes video with English & Chinese sub-title ISBN 1-59882-038-9
Manufacturer: Huwa
SKU: 1-59882-038-9

Imperial Mausoleums of Ming and Qing Dynasties are the largest and well-preserved imperial mausoleums open to the public, including 42 mausoleums for emperors and Empresses. Design of underground palace and burial objects were owner's favorites, while the structures on the ground found explicit expression of feng shui or geomantic omens, believing that the location of a house or a tomb and their natural surroundings were to influence the family's fortune and the future of the later generations. As records of the rise and decline of Imperial power, mausoleums remain part of China's illustrious history.