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EZ Go Jr. is equipped with the rich features of Penpower handwriting products such as Traditional Chinese/ Simplified Chinese/ English/ Japanese/ Text/ Symbol inputs.

Chinese Expert - Writing Pad

Penpower Chinese Expert is a complete Chinese learning tool. With the writing pad, you can write or modify any Chinese text easily and use Penpower Chinese Expert for listening comprehension, reading, speaking, writing, and translation.

Chinese Handwriting Carefree

The ultra-thin touch pad, with a 3x2 inch handwriting area, makes continuous writing and signing more proficient. It also allows you to put your cool stylish picture on the handwriting area to show an individual aspect of you.

Chinese Handwriting Diamond Jr.

The Diamond PENPOWER Jr.'s ultra-modern design touch writing pad offers two models for you to choose from: stylish black, and stunning white; and can recognize traditional and simplified Chinese, Hong Kong characters, English, numbers, symbols, Japanese hiragana and katakana. Moreover, it has English-Chinese/Chinese-English real-time online translation and dictionary search functions and allows dial-up connection and e-mail receipt. When an e-mail is received, it notifies you with music/a flash of light.

Global Jr.

Global Penpower Jr., supports the fullest MS Windows, can recognize Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong characters, Japanese hiragana and katakana, English, numbers, and symbols.

Handwriter Freedom

Penpower Handwriter Freedom has a simple-to-use interface, elegant design and high reorganization in Traditional or Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong characters, Japanese and Korean writing, English, numbers.