Chinese Handwriting Diamond Jr.

The Diamond PENPOWER Jr.'s ultra-modern design touch writing pad offers two models for you to choose from: stylish black, and stunning white; and can recognize traditional and simplified Chinese, Hong Kong characters, English, numbers, symbols, Japanese hiragana and katakana. Moreover, it has English-Chinese/Chinese-English real-time online translation and dictionary search functions and allows dial-up connection and e-mail receipt. When an e-mail is received, it notifies you with music/a flash of light.
Manufacturer: PenPower


  • Unicode recognition kernel
    Support Unicode system to display Traditional and Simplified Chinese easily.
  • All in one recognition kernel of Big5 and GB
    The character set can be recognized including more than 23000 Chinese words, 4941HongKong words, alphabet, numeric, symbol, Hiragana and Katakana.
  • Artificial Intelligence recognition kernel
    Highly adaptable to the uniqueness of your handwriting and can be used as a personal handwriting system
  • Full-screen continual writing
    The accurate characters segmentation technology ensures a single recognition for a complete sentence. It can be used in conjunction with most word processors and application software.
  • Free writing recognition kernel
    No particular stroke order is required. It is capable of recognizing near-illegible words. It can be used together with software application such as office 2000 / XP.
  • Other auxiliary function
    Provide many useful functions, such as related phrase, related word, special symbol table, homophone, dictionary, learning string, color inking and sound effect...etc, to make input easier.
  • Transparent signature
    Your signature can be overlapped with the WORD or EXCEL document to keep their related position to avoid ruining the document format. The signature can be inserted into E-mails and sent to others.
  • Balloon UI
    The visual user interface is hidden transparently. The function tool bar will be popped up along with the movement of the cursor
  • Inking on MSN Messenger
    When Microsoft MSN Messenger was installed, it can provide handwriting and drawing on the editing area. Draw and write whatever you want to make the communication more fun.
  • Fast User Switching
    Support Windows XP Fast User Switching,when change different user that has his-self settings
  • Intelligent Pen/Mouse Mode
    New Penpower Mouse mode provides intelligent Mouse User Interface, more symbols and hotkey. Let you free and easy to use.
  • Chinese / English Translation
    Provide with a Chinese-English/English-Chinese dictionary. With a built in 139,000 English words database and a vocabulary of more than 76,000 Chinese words.
  • String Tool Wizard
    New String Tool Wizard helps you manage learning string database more quickly and free and easy.


  • Intel Pentium processor or compatible
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 150MB disk space
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • USB port



  • 輕巧流線的外型,顛覆手寫產品笨重的刻板印象;
  • 可依據個人喜好選擇「酷炫黑」與「晶瑩白」兩款。
  • 人性化手寫辨識,不論書寫繁簡字都能自動辨別;
  • 精準文字切割技術,連筆草寫皆能輕鬆辨識。
  • 全新支援Windows Vista,與世界同步享受手寫便利的最新潮流。


  • 支援Unicode萬國碼
  • 繁簡合一辨認核心
  • 人工智慧辨認核心
  • 全螢幕連續書寫
  • 連筆草寫辨認核心
  • 強大的輔助功能
  • 透明簽名
  • 氣泡式介面
  • MSN Messenger 筆跡功能
    在Windows2000/XP環境下,若安裝有MSN Messenger 6.1以上版本,則提供在MSN Messenger中傳遞手寫筆跡和繪畫圖片,隨心所欲寫寫畫畫,讓溝通更具樂趣。
  • 快速使用者切換
    支援Windows XP 快速使用者切換功能,切換不同的使用者都有個人化的使用設定。
  • 智慧型筆鼠切換模式
  • 中英翻譯
  • 精靈模式學習字串


  • 整體尺寸:110 x 90 x 22 mm (LxWxH)
  • 重 量:110g
  • 書寫區域:55 x 45mm (LxW)


  • Pentium 166 CPU以上個人電腦
  • 64MB 以上記憶體
  • 150MB 以上硬碟空間
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7