EZ Go Jr. is equipped with the rich features of Penpower handwriting products such as Traditional Chinese/ Simplified Chinese/ English/ Japanese/ Text/ Symbol inputs.
Manufacturer: PenPower


Everyone is now familiar with the Plug & Play feature supported by USB ports so Penpower has now come up with the innovative "EZ Go Jr.,” the first "Plug & Write" input device in the world! No installation or configuration is necessary so senior citizens who like to stay up to date no longer have to struggle with a complicated installation process or ask a computer engineer for help. This user-friendly product delivers handwriting recognition when plugged into any computer! The EZ Go Jr. can also act like a flash disk for taking important documents with you. For business travelers, having one device that does the work of many is just the kind of exceptional mobility they need.

 EZ Go Jr. is equipped with the rich features of Penpower handwriting products such as Traditional Chinese/ Simplified Chinese/ English/ Japanese/ Text/ Symbol inputs. You can write in traditional or simplified characters and it can memorize personal handwriting and text strings for direct input into Office software, browsers, instant messengers (MSN, Skype, QQ…) and other software. Word association/lexicon, special symbol tables, fuzzy search, homonyms, dictionary search, string learning and Mandarin/Cantonese pronunciation are also included. All these features mean handwriting input is not only natural but also fast and accurate. Users can also use their handwriting for communications such as document signatures, e-mail diagrams and MSN scribbles. Such a high level of customization means your EZ Go Jr. is not only smarter but also more portable.


因應USB連接埠「即插即用」(Plug & Play)之使用習慣,蒙恬科技大膽創新,推出獨步全球的【EZ Go小蒙恬】,不需安裝、不需設定,就可「即插即寫」(Plug & Write)!對於喜愛追求新知但排斥複雜安裝步驟之銀髮族而言,不必再苦苦懇求電腦工程師幫忙,即可放心於任何一台電腦使用文字輸入,絕對是最貼心的人性化商品;同時,【EZ Go小蒙恬】還具備隨身碟功能,重要文件隨身攜帶,一件抵多件,滿足商務人士所需的卓越行動力!

 【EZ Go小蒙恬】擁有蒙恬科技手寫產品的豐富功能,可輸入繁中/簡中/英/日文/數字/符號,讓您寫繁得繁、寫簡得簡,記憶個人筆跡與字串、直接輸入各種Office程式、瀏覽器、即時通訊(MSN、Skype、QQ…)等軟體,也提供聯想字/詞庫、特殊符號表、前/後相關字、同音字、字典檢索、學習字串、國/粵語發音等輔助功能,讓手寫輸入不只自然更能快速又精準;使用者也可以選擇將筆跡直接應用於文件簽名、e-mail圖示說明、MSN圖像溝通,讓手寫傳達更具趣味的溝通。種種強大的個人化設定,讓您的【EZ Go小蒙恬】不僅越來越聰明,也越來越輕巧。



No installation, no setup, just intuitive operation
‧No complicated installation necessary. Simply connect to the computer and start working away.
‧Device includes a writing/mouse quick switch button and shortcuts. In mouse mode, EZ Go Jr. acts like a mouse and in handwriting mode, allows quick correction of candidate words. 
‧Equipped with 1GB of flash memory

 免安裝 免設定 直覺化操作

‧具備1 GB隨身碟空間。


Smart Handwriting for Easy Input 
‧Supports handwriting input for traditional/simplified Chinese, English and Japanese with an ultra-high 96% recognition rate.
‧Supports Office and MSN software, learning of personal writing styles and can also be set to convert traditional Chinese into simplified or vice versa.
‧Includes auxiliary functions such as word association/lexicon, special symbols table, fuzzy search, homonyms, dictionary search, Mandarin/Cantonese pronunciation, color drawing and sound effects to make writing in Chinese even easier.

 智慧手寫功能  輕鬆輸入 


 Thin, Light and Compact for Portability

‧An ultra-thin handwriting pad measuring just 4mm in thickness.
‧Weighs just 55g and can be carried in a pocket.

 輕薄短小 攜帶方便 



‧Intel Pentium processor or compatible \ Pentium以上個人電腦
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 \ 繁/簡體中文及英文 Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 作業系統
128 MB RAM \ 128MB以上記憶體                       
200MB disk space \ 200MB以上磁碟空間               
USB port \ USB介面  


‧2.8”x 2” inch Handwriting Pad \ 2.8”x 2”吋書寫區域手寫版
Pen \ 手寫筆
Registration card \ 保固註冊卡