CJK Partner v 6.5 Standard - 32bit - DOWNLOADABLE

The CJK Partner v6.5 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (32 bits)* (CJKP) is the ultimate global multilingual system for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. Designed with powerful features and intuitive interface, it enables complex Asian language processing in standard English Windows as well as localized Windows.
Manufacturer: TwinBridge

*Not for Windows Vista/7/8 64 bits




Fully compatible with MS Office suite and most applications under Windows. Enable you to display, edit and print Chinese, Japanese or Korean documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, E-mails, etc. Support most internal codes including Unicode for CJK characters.

11 Chinese/6 Japanese/4 Korean high quality True Type fonts for both ANSI and Unicode applications.
(click the right image to download the list of fonts sample

IME Dictionary Manager

Perform dictionary management for Chinese input methods: Indexed Phrase, English-Chinese, Yueyin and Changjie. Dictionary entries can be easily modified, added or deleted.

Input Methods
The TwinBridge Input Methods provide fast CJK characters entry with Pinyin, Zhuyin, English-Chinese, Stroke, Hangul, Roma-Kanji etc. Characters and phrases are sorted in frequency of use for convenient selection.

Super Code Converter
Allows conversion among GB, B5, GBK, BIG5+ Japanese EUC (JIS), Japanese Shift-JIS, Korean KSC Code and Unicode standards in text (ASCII) format and RTF (Rich Text Format). In the RTF mode, certain document attributes such as font information, e.g., bold type will be retained. Easily converts non-Unicode documents for Unicode applications.

Meta/Single-Byte Converter

Certain graphics applications do not accept input of CJK characters. These tools convert double-byte CJK characters into single-byte data then insert them as graphics into applications such as AutoCAD.

Custom Chinese IME Generator 
The Chinese system in the Language Partner supports three user-defined input methods. The custom input methods, coding rules, and features will function according to the definition.



  • IBM Compatible PC with Pentium 4 or faster CPU
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 32 bits
  • Minimum 50 MB of Hard Disk space, with 2 GB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive


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