Far East Chinese-English Multimedia Dictionary

This unique language learning course is presented by one of the most popular Western figures in China, Da Shan, who speaks fluent Chinese just like every Chinese person in China.
Manufacturer: FarEast
SKU: 1TB31006

This interactive multimedia dictionary enables students to listen, speak, read and write Chinese efficiently.  Students will enjoy learning Chinese with 3-D Scenes, Games and Interactive Exercises.  In this CDROM title, there are five main parts: (1) Chinese-English Dictionary, (2) Pinyin and Zhuyin phonetic indices, (3) Chinese History and Timeline, (4) the People and thier Land, (5) Game Show. Learners will enhance their word power through 5,000 Chinese entries and over 40,000 Chinese phrases.



Recorded Mandarin Pronunciations of all Chinese words and phrases.  It helps you improve your pronunciation skill by comparing it with native Chinese speakers.

Useful Phrases contain over 30,000 groups that are the basic and necessary part of Chinese which you have to learn like A B C in English.

3D Animations , including Airport, Restaurant, Hotel, Train Station and Office, each introduces the common everyday conversations in 3D scenes.

Daily Dialogues in our animations will provide you with a natural environment to practice speaking Chinese.

Animated Writing will show you how to write the Chinese characters.

Word Puzzles stimulate your interest in the Chinese characters instead of dull memorization.

Multi-linked Functional Buttons link with other related Chinese words by clicking on any one of them and then bringing out their explanations in Traditional or Simplified Chinese.

"Record" and "Print" icons help you record your own voice and compare with that of the native speakers and print out the words or phrases as word cards.

Information on the Evolution of Chinese Characters , is a special feature of this powerful dictionary.  It introduces all kinds of Chinese characters, from 甲骨文 (oracle-bone scriptures) to 楷書 (standard script of handwriting), helping you to understand the development of Chinese characters.

English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese explanations in this dictionary help you choose the most suitable process to learn Chinese.

English, Pinyin, Chinese Phonetic Symbols ( Zhuyin), Radicals and Strokes are different ways of consulting words.  This provides you a variety of ways to find the words you like to learn. 



  • Windows 98 above
  • 32MB RAM
  • 256 VGA
  • Sound Card
  • Mouse
  • Mic & Speaker