Far East Everyday Chinese

This unique language learning course is presented by one of the most popular Western figures in China, Da Shan, who speaks fluent Chinese just like every Chinese person in China.
Manufacturer: FarEast
SKU: 1TB83307

This CDROM title, available for both PC and MAC, is centered around daily conversation in Chinese.  The program is designed to help foreigners and overseas Chinese build their communication abilities in four areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  There are a total of 28 conversations showing real-life situations, all of which are acted out on video clips.  Topics include asking prices, getting directions, making phone calls, and conversations in many other practical situations of daily life.  Each is designed to teach vocabulary, grammar, and sentence patterns.



Easy Learning
The unit "Four basics" based on Chinese numerals is intended to help the learners understand the tones and the syllables before starting any lesson.

Practical Dialogues
This CD title contains everyday-life dialogues with well-organized video for the beginners to learn easily.  You will learn how to talk over the phone, order food in Chinese restaurant, rent an apartment, etc.  Furthermore, the dialogues can be switched from Chinese to Pinyin, or English as you like.

Detailed Explanation
In each dialogue, notes to grammar and vocabulary are included to help the learners understand each sentence in the dialogue.  There are also some exercises for the evaluation of the learners' reading comprehension after new grammar rules and vocabularies.

Various Exercises
A variety of exercises such as "Sentence arrangement", "matching", listening", and "multiple choice" are provided after each text to test the learners' language skill.

History and Report Card
This card automatically records all the dialogues and exercises you have gone through and suggests which part you have to do again.

Learning Assessment
After finishing all the dialogues, learners can go on to the "Test" unit.  The result of the test will attest to the learns' competency with Chinese.



  • Windows 98 above
  • 32MB RAM
  • 256 VGA
  • Sound Card
  • Mouse
  • Mic & Speaker