Presenter Pen (Mac/PC)

Manufacturer: PenPower

[蒙恬簡報無影筆 Product Overview \ 產品特色]


The "Presenter Pen" features Penpower's exclusive fusion of "presentation" and "handwriting" technologies to deliver the world's most advanced presentation and handwriting device. The patented technology means you no longer have to constantly switch between the projection screen and the computer during presentations. By quickly switching through different modes, you can control handwriting input, the presentation or mouse as necessary, and highlight or illustrate certain points directly on the presentation slide. Having to hook up a bunch of hardware and cables to the presentation computer is now a thing of the past. Impress your manager and colleagues with your smooth performance!


The "Presenter Pen" supports presentation functions such as the next/previous page, blank screen, countdown, laser pointer and switching to mouse mode for hyperlinking. Plug & Play is supported for Windows' PowerPoint or the Mac's Keynote presentation software so no installation is needed to deliver a smooth and professional presentation. With Penpower's latest handwriting software loaded, you can input traditional/simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, numbers and symbols into all kinds of word processing and instant messaging software with an accuracy rate of over 96%! The "Presenter Pen" also features metal buttons with different textures so the presentation giver can intuitively and correctly switch between different functions. Dispense with complicated configurations for more efficiency! To meet the needs of businesspeople on the move, the design is very light and thin. The USB wireless receiver and stylus can be cleverly stowed away inside the "Presenter Pen" as well to make one convenient package for business trips.





[ Product Features \ 產品功能 ]


  • Multi-Purpose Presentation Shortcuts: Presentation shortcut buttons are provided to quickly scroll through next/previous pages or blank the screen to keep the audience's concentration and allow easy access to the whiteboard.

  • Mouse Mode: Taking out the stylus in presentation mode automatically switches the device to mouse mode. The stylus can then emulate a mouse to control the presentation screen.

  • Countdown Timer: Depending on the length of the presentation, a blinking light can be set to flash with 5 minutes to go, 2 minutes to go or when time runs out, making it easier to keep track of presentation time.

  • Laser Pointer: A laser pointer is included to keep the audience's attention on the point you wish to make.

  • 多樣化簡報快捷鍵:提供簡報快捷鍵,可於簡報過程中直接操作上下翻頁、快速黑屏,快速集中聽眾注意力並方便使用白板。

  • 快速切換滑鼠模式:在簡報模式下取出手寫筆,即可快速切換為滑鼠模式,透過手寫筆模擬滑鼠來操作簡報畫面。

  • 倒數計時提示功能:可預先設定簡報時間,在前5分鐘、前2分鐘、與時間結束時以閃爍的燈光提示,毋須擔心簡報時間不易掌控。



Intuitive Presentation Functions \ 直覺化簡報功能

Total Handwriting Support \ 全方位手寫功能

  • Integrated Traditional/Simplified Chinese recognition engine : Supports recognition of traditional/simplified Chinese, Cantonese characters, alphanumeric input, symbols, Japanese hiragana/katakana. (Kanji and Korean supported on Windows system)

  • AI Recognition System: Not only is running writing supported but there are no stroke order limitations either. Can also learn each person's handwriting to create a personalized handwriting recognition system.

  • Full-screen Handwriting: Accurate handwriting recognition is supported over the full screen so you don't feel constrained. Can be used directly with your software applications.

  • Instant Messaging Support: Write or draw directly in your instant messaging software (MSN/ Yahoo Messenger) window for your own personalized look.

  • 繁簡合一辨識核心:可辨認繁簡中、香港字、英數字、符號、日文平假名及片假名。(Windows系統增加辨識日文漢字及韓文)

  • 人工智慧辨識系統: 不但可辨識連筆草寫,且無筆順限制,更能學習每個人獨特的筆跡,打造專屬的手寫輸入辨識系統。

  • 全螢幕書寫無侷限: 提供全螢幕書寫範圍,讓您寫得自在、辨識精準,可與您的應用軟體直接搭配使用。

  • 支援即時通訊軟體: 您的即時通訊軟體(MSN/ Yahoo Messenger…)可以直接書寫筆跡或畫畫在您的視窗裡,溝通更有自己的風格。



[ System Requirements \ 系統需求]


Intel Pentium processor or compatible \ Pentium以上個人電腦
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 \ 繁/簡體中文及英文 Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 作業系統
256 MB RAM \ 256MB以上記憶體 
250MB disk space \ 250MB以上磁碟空間 
USB port \ USB埠



Intel based Macintosh \ Intel 相容機種
Support Mac OS X v10.4 and above \ Mac OS X 10.4 版以上
200 MB hard driver space \ 200MB以上硬碟空間

USB port \ USB埠


[ In the Box \ 包裝內容]

2.8”x 2” inch Handwriting Pad \ 2.2” × 1.7”吋手寫板
Pen \ 手寫筆

RF dongle \ RF傳輸器

1.5V AAA batteries x 1 \ 1.5V AAA電池一顆

Software CD \ 軟體光碟
Registration card \ 保固註冊卡、回函卡、防偽辨識卡