Q Pen

iPad或Android Tablet等平板電腦使得隨時隨地上網進行互動溝通已越來越方便,因此,蒙恬科技特別推出全球首創的【全彈性電容觸控筆─Q Pen】,幫您同時滿足「舒適好寫‧省力好握‧彈性好帶」三大需求,多款色系多元選擇,讓Q Pen不只是您的書寫工具,更能充份展現個人風格!
Manufacturer: PenPower



Easy to Write

The elastic design and the soft nib are the characteristic features of the Q Pen, which help you work with your iPad or other touch screen tablets in a smooth and simple manner The nib is sensitive to recognition and glides easily over the surface of the iPad or other touch screen tablets, making Q Pen the best choice for making notes or sketching.


Easy to Handle

Following an ergonomic design, Q Pen’s sleek rubber body improves your efficiency by offering smooth grip, maximum comfort and reducing physical effort.


Easy to Carry

The Q Pen comes with a smart, portable design. Users can extend it to surround the iPad or other touch screen tablets with its rubber body without scratching the screen.





  • 採橡膠材質,彈性極佳,書寫好輕鬆。
  • 經特殊導電耐磨擦處理,降低摩擦力不減精準度,書寫好流暢。



Conductive TPR、iron tube、rubber
Diameter Φ9.6mm
Length 180mm
Weight 20.0g
Nib Diameter Φ6.8 mm
Color Gray、Pink、Green、Blue、Black
Working Environment Temp -20~+80℃
Humidity 20~80%
Storage Environment Temp -20~+80℃
Humidity 20~80%


System Requirements   系統需求

  • iPad 2, iPad, iPhone and other capacitive touch panels

  • 電容式觸控裝

  • 置筆頭保固6個月


In the Box   硬體配件

  • Q Pen x 1

  • Quick guide


感應方式 導電橡膠感應
電容筆材料 TPR、鐵管、橡膠筆頭
筆身直徑(Diameter) Φ9.6mm
長度(Length) 180mm
重量(Weight) 20.0g
筆尖直徑(Nib diameter) Φ6.8 mm
顏色 color 黑/灰/粉/藍/綠
工作環境 溫度-20~+80℃
存放環境 溫度-20~+80℃
  • 產品內附:Q Pen*1、快速使用指南